Monday, April 18, 2011

Winter beauty

I haven't much time to blog this week I am afraid, so thought I'd share another post I came across in my blog travels.

Winter is just about here.  I was hit with that reality today when our beautiful Queensland temperatures plumeted down to 20 degrees (celcius) today, 10-12 degrees lower than we have had in Autumn so far this year.  I admit, I HATE winter, I am no fan of the cold at all.  However isn't there something romantic and magical about beautiful pine forests and crisp white fallen snow!  Although we won't see too much snow here in Queensland this winter, I was immediately inspired by the magical atmosphere of beautifully creative winter photo shoot. 

I love the crispness of the freshly fallen snow, the splashes of colour in the styling and the whimsical feel of the setting.  and I do almost makes me wish we were going to see some snow this winter afterall.

Check out more of the shoots stunning images at JL Designs blog.

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