Thursday, April 14, 2011

Low Allergen Easter Treat - a twist on an old favourite

My eldest daughter has a myriad of food allergies so when it comes to Easter treats our options are very limited.

Last year I gave up on searching throughout the city, and online for suitable options and took matters into my own hands.  I decided to play around with an idea I had  for low allergen chocolate crackle eggs.

They turned out so well I will definitely be making these again this week!

These are just too cute, and yummy, to keep to myself here is the recipe and how to make your own beautiful homemade Easter crackle eggs.....And with no cooking involved the kids will love assisting you on this holiday project


(I have listed the low allergen ingredients I use, but of course the regular Chocolate crackles recipe will be just as delightful if you don't have allergies to worry about)

What you will need:


Chocolate Easter egg moulds
wooden spoon
measuring cups
cake rake


4 cups Freedom Foods Gluten free Rice Bubbles
1 cup Gluten Free icing sugar
1 cup Organic, preservative free desiccated coconut
250g copha®*, chopped
3 tbsp cocoa


Sweet Williams Gluten Free/Dairy Free Chocolate block
Gluten free/natural coloured sprinkles


In a large bowl, mix the rice bubbles, icing sugar, cocoa & coconut.

In a saucepan slowly melt the copha over a low heat.  Then allow to cool slightly.

Add melted copha to rice bubbles mixture, stirring until well combined.

Spoon mixture into chocolate Easter egg moulds and press in firmly

Refrigerate until firm
Once firmly set....

Slowly melt the chocolate block in a bowl over a pot of boiling water

Once melted remove crackles from fridge, turn out of moulds and rest gently on cake rake

Dip the smaller end of each each crackle egg into the melted chocolate and replace on cake may be a good idea to have some grease proof paper of a plate under the rack to catch any chocolate drips

Sprinkle chocolate coated end and get back into the fridge


Remember Chocolate crackles do melt in hot weather so keep them refrigerated as long as possible before serving.

I tied different ribbons around the middle of each egg for a finishing touch.

I'd love to hear how you go if you make the eggs and see pics of your creations!!

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