Monday, April 25, 2011

Styling at the last minute

What a perfect Easter weekend we have had here in Brisbane! Magical weather and a 5 day weekend have been the perfect setting for a wonderful Easter break!

You may have read my blog on our traditional family Resurrection Sunday Breakfast Party.  For those who missed it you can check it out here.   I have to admit I had decided I wasn't going to do much for our Easter Sunday breakfast this year; the weeks leading up to Easter have just been so busy with kids holidays; church holiday club; preparing for upcoming client events etc I just didnt think I had the time, or frankly the energy....however at 8pm on Saturday night I couldnt contain myself any longer, the styling itch got the better of me. How could I possibly let the opportunity of styling a beautiful breakfast in honor of such an important day slip me by?

 And so, much to the entertainment of my loving husband, I quickly got to work to put together a beautiful setting for the mornings celebration.

Sometimes its fun not to have a specific plan, and at 8pm I sure didn't have one in mind! The setting developed as I went....finding bits and pieces in my cupboard and event supplies which would compliment the the vision as it evolved.  Tones of blues, lemons and pinks, old chinaware, recycled milkbottles and mason jars, gingham and timber transformed our upper deck into a homely, spring inspired, farmhouse atmosphere.

These little white ceramic bunnies were a great place to start styling the table!  I adorned each one with a different blue or beige ribbon and they became the feature for the individual place settings.....

Positioned in the morning sun overlooking the pool and gardens; I transformed the upper deck with a round table, just the right size for the gathering of 5, with white whicker chairs and assorted blue cushions. Then added my favourite antique dresser as the buffet table.  The table was simple and uncluttered with a lemon gingham cloth,  individual place settings and a small arrangment of lavender and boiled eggs on old china plates as a cenrepiece.  (you can see the table refelcted in the mirror of the buffet)

I love fresh flowers and usually would incorporate them in a setting like this, however as I had left styling this breakfst to the last minute I didnt have any fresh blooms on hand and had to get creative. Artificial Lavender was located in the cupboard and a beautiful pink peonie clip added a touch of spring to the look. Fresh lemons and limes always look great displayed for a splash of colour, so i they went.  Luckily I had some pom poms from a  previous event hanging in my daughters room, these were put into action and arranged in a staggered bunch above the table for a more nestled and intimate feel...I just love the whimsy her pom poms add to any occassion!

In keeping with our tradition, the meal was a simple affair, humble and reflective of the act of the first Easter.  Our menu consisted of warm hot cross buns,a symbol of Christs death; and boiled eggs , a sign of hope, and New life.  I had decided to try out a new Banana Bread recipe too...but it was a disaster and at 11.30pm I had to whip up something in its place.....Lemon cupcakes did the trick and not only did they taste great but the icing and lemon wedge on top perfectly complimented the colour scheme.  (I'll share the cupcake recipe with you in the next few days)

and of course not to forget the low allergen chocolate crackle eggs we have come to love!  I didnt dip the ends in white chocolate this year, preferring the more rustic look of them plain and simply finished with a little coloured ribbon....

I loved how "country" the little milk bottles made the breakfast feel.  Both young and old enjoyed sipping on banana flavoured milk with their breakfast...

and of course what would Easter be without a visit from the Easter Bunny.  We never go overboard on the Easter treats, but the bunny always drops something small off to the children around breakfast time.  These little muslin bags were ideal for popping a handful of small eggs into and sitting at each of the childrens places at the table.  I created  a simple bunny silhouette image on the computer and ironed a trasnfer onto each bag.  I was really happy with how these turned out...

So there we have 5 hours I went from "get motivated" to beautiful farmhouse Easter breakfast setting.  I must say Iwas really happy with the result.  But, I think I might start planning a little earlier next year!

I do hope you and your family had a blessed and relaxing Easter and were able to reflect on the real meaning of the day.  I'd love to hear what you got up to!

Where to find:

Scalloped cake stands and muslin bags- Sharnel Dollar Designs
Tissue Poms - Ah Tissue
Paper straws - Polka Dot Prints
Ceramic bunnies - Bed Bath and Table
Antique blue mason jars -


  1. I have been looking for small milk bottles for a while now, where did you find yours? I loved the simplicity of your decorating!

  2. Hi Marilee

    I actually have a bit of a collection of old milk bottles I scored at my husbands nanas house! They are hard to find arent they!! I'll be sure to let you know if I come across any in my travels! Thank you for your lovely compliment!!