Monday, March 28, 2011

Whimsy Petite Styling Launch

Next year see's a bit of a milestone in our emptying nest of sorts.  My eldest child, Mike will have turned 18 and be venturing off into the world on his own life journey, whether he remains at home or heads off an an adventure is yet to be seen....While my youngest daughter, Syrahna, will also begin a new journey of her own...starting school. 

Earlier in the year, I began to wonder...what would I do with all my new found freedom in 2012? I needed a new purpose, now that this chapter of fulltime motherhood was coming to a close. Let me say here that I have adored been a stay at home mum and having the honor and privillage to spend each day with my children, guiding them and preparing them for the next phase of their lives, I appreciate the blessing it has been to have the opportuntiy to be here for them and am so very grateful that it was something our family could expereince!  However, what on earth would I do without someone tugging at me all day, or wanting to read books, play games, or play barbie....I'll be able to clean up in the morning and at 3pm it will still be untouched; there won't be a constant stream of snack and meal orders for service in the kitchen and I imagine with school uniforms the weekday washing load should reduce considerably....Yes, I needed a new hobby or something to give me a sense of purpose in my changing role as mum. 

But what to do?  Well to decide that i needed to reflect on who I am, what I love doing, what I am passionate about..... 

I've been told on many an occassion I am totally anal about detail, that I am somewhat Arty Farty & and frankly, perhaps a little OCD....I'll admit I can be somewhat of a perfectionist!  and to that I say.....why not be, imagine a world with no order or beautiful detail....boring chaos! 

I embrace the simple joys in life; family, friends, the beach, picnics, a good book, lying under a tree, home cooking.... but I also like to surrounding myself with beautiful things, turning an everyday event into a styled celebration and making the people in my life feel special!... getting crafty, interior design,  gardening and cooking are just some of my passions.

I am enchanted simple, pretty, whimsical things and enjoy having time to spoil the people I love the most! I appreciate the small things that may go unnoticed by others, I love scouring junk yards for items needing love, for recycling and beautifying.....You get my drift...I love bringing the asthetic beauty out of anything almost anything.

Several special people inmy life had been encouraging me to start a party styling business for a few years....after reflecting on who I was and what I enjoy most....I started to realise they were probably onto something long before I was ready to see it for myself!  And so with their love and support, I have decided to take my passions and love of celebrations to another level, to share my love of beautifully styled soirees and create a fun and exciting small business. 
It is with great pride and excitment that I present to you.....Whimsy Petite Styling.   The delightful Menu of Services we look forward to providing our valued clients will include

{Inspiration/mood boards} 
{High Teas} 
{Custom styled party packages}
{Complete event styling and hostessing}
{Themed childrens parties}
{Prop and crockery hire}
and eventually,  we look forward to launching an online store showcasing beautiful products to add style and whimsy to any celebration. 

Helping you to capturing all the details that bring uniqueness and character to your special event is what Whimsy will do with love and passion.
I am already having the pleasure of networking with some wonderfully talented people in design, photogprahy and catering and look forward to profiling them and their handywork for you as business begins to roll!

Our website is in design process at the moment, so stay tuned. Until then, I have set up a Facebook page, Whimsy Petite Styling, and will keep you updated with inspirational ideas and sneak peeks of styled events there. 

I am also really excited to share with you that a percentage of all income from Whimsy Petite will be given to Friends of Pango ministry to fund Education and Community Aid projects in Vanuatu. Another of my great passions is for the people of this beautiful island nation where our family regularly volunteer our services and establish aid projects to assist the locals in overcoming situations of poverty.

A huge thank you to the wonderfully talented Jordan of Polkadot Prints for creating our gorgeous can see more of Jordans fabulous designs and follow her blog here.

I look forward to sharing some of  lifes special moments with you!