Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vintage Tea Dress

You might remember my post raving about Naughty Shorts,  the fabulous little {& quickly becoming very popular} business of Perth clothing designer Bec {you can read it here if you missed it}

I was so excited this week when my beautiful vintage inspired dress finally arrived...It was a very looooong 8 weeks of patient waiting...YES 8 Weeks....I told you she was becoming very popular!!

I'll be honest...I did let out a little squeal of delight when I saw the senders details on the parcel the postman had just delivered. 

Without a moment to loose I ripped into the postpack...& there, was one of the most creative, lovingly presented parcels I think I ever recieved.  Carefully wrapped in a recycled vintage sewing pattern; completed by a tag hand stamped with my name & adorned with a heart in the same fabric as my dress sewn on it, was my 50's inspired tea dress. I almost didn't want to ruin the wrapping...but that lasted only a second, I needed to see "the dress"...... and I assure you it was everything I had hoped it would be.  The cut is stunning & the vintage fabric just beautiful. top it off..... my fossiking through vintage stores & second hand op shops paid off when I married the dress up with the accessories I had purchased during that loooooong wait!  The perfect vintage inspired I have to wait, again, until the chill of winter subsides so I can enjoy my new favourite dress...perhaps a High Tea will be the perfect way to make her debut!

A super big THANK YOU to Bec for her talented work!  I can't wait to order another! xx

'til next time
Take care....but have fun doing it


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  1. Oh love!! Lucky you! I can't wait to order mine one day soon. Love your vintage styling too - just perfect! :)