Monday, July 25, 2011

Dreams really do come true....

I had the absolute pleasure of styling a {Somewhere over the rainbow} party this week.  With classic blue gingham, splashes of yellow, tins and flowers the young guests felt like they had landed in Oz..... 

Miss C, now 6, just loves the classic tale, Wizard of Oz.  Her busy working mum had already sent out adorable invitations when she approached me to help her bring her ideas together. 

Beautiful fresh Sunflowers, baby daisies & wheat stems completed the feel of the theme

The Munchkins {aka guests} lined the sides of the yellow brick road, enjoying a scrumptious roadside picnic, to catch a glimpse of the Emerald Cities travellers in their hot air balloon -   {I will be honest, this balloon concept almost did my head in!  I had no idea how it was going to work...but after a few tantrums, releasing a scream or two & many hours of playing around I have to say it didn't turn out too bad after all}

Aren't the Barbie Character dolls the client provided adorable!

Children had a lovely homemade lunchtime meal consisting of a chicken salad wrap,  raspberry jam heart sandwich  & a tub of freshly prepared fruit salad.   {Need I say,  it all went down a treat!!}

Pails of sweets lined the table centre for them to sneak in a few treats as well

I was able to use the clients purchased clip art to make cute fruit picks for the table setting

The yellow brick road led down to a delectable table of refreshments for the adults attending the soiree.  A lovely assortment of foods {Finger sandwiches, Cheese platters, Fresh fruit, & these scrumptious jars with layers of yogurt, compote & topped with a sweet pastry puff} prepared by the client & her sister kept everyone more than satisfied & heading back for seconds! 

A self help beverage bar with drink dispensers offered refreshing iced water, homemade punch & the yummiest old fashioned lemonade I have ever had!

As the afternoon drew to an end the buffet was reset with thank you gifts, deserts & a very sweet birthday cake made by the GOHs clever mum....Dorothy's house atop the Witch of the East with little munchkins looking on.

Guests were thanked for their attendance of the celebration with little tin pails containing a rainbow of colour pencils, a rainbow paper pad, sweet treats, a custom made bookmark & much to their delight a crunchy homemade mini toffee apple.

Famous Lyrics from  the song written by E Y Harburg featured on the table - {I loved how so many people at the park stopped to read the words as they passed by  & went on their way humming to themselves!}

Another perfect Queensland winters day + a dreamy party at the park + gorgeous little guests = Success, because most importantly everyone had a great day!

If you would like inspiration or help in creating a fabulous soiree of your own,
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Til next time, have fun!!


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