Thursday, May 19, 2011

Winter warmer

Winter is definately starting to show itself here.  Its getting harder to brave getting out of bed in the mornings and the evening chill starts to set in around 4pm.

With the cooler weather upon us, its a good excuse, well for me anyway, to fix some good old family favourites in the kitchen.  Wholesome, filling, tummy warming recipes that are just too much to eat in the Queensland summer and have a special place in our home in the cooler months.

I've been super busy, and perhaps getting a little carried away, in the kitchen this afternoon after picking up some very well priced vegetables at the fruit shoppe could I not stock up on pumpkin at only 29 cents a kilo!!

The kitchen has been a buzz with 5 recipes underway all at once.....and let me tell you the house smells delightful!  A traditional lasagne, vegetable lasagne, pumpkin soup, banana cake, caramel cakes....mmmmm yum!

What I am most looking forward to though is a slice of that fresh banana cake with my cuppa tonight when I snuggle under the douvet to watch my favourite shows, Greys and DHW.

Banana cake was a childhood favourite in our home.  I always remember looking at the bananas starting to get a little past their best and excitedly thinking...oh shame, now mum will have to make a banana cake!  I look forward to sharing our favourite recipe with you tomorrow!

Until then enjoy your evening and keep warm!


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