Sunday, July 11, 2010

my favourite things - Pretty blooms

One of my most favourite things happens to be something I only get to enjoy in my least favourite season...Winter.  I openly admit I am really not a fan of the cold weather and little luxuries like snuggling in front of an open fire; delicious hot homemade soups and georgous winter clothes just simply are not enough to make me like it any more!

But right in the middle of the misery I call winter, something beautiful pops up and makes it far more bareable, Cream Jonquils.

I'm not sure if its that they are a sign that spring is on its way; the simpleness of each stem blooming with multiple flowers; the stunning purfume that bursts from the bouquet and fills the house with its beautiful fragrance; or that they simply remind me of my late Nana who also liked them....No matter what it is I know I get a little excited when I finally see carefully bunched blooms of Jonquils sitting in a bucket at the local florist each winter.

And thats what happened just the other day.  I scooped up 5 bunches as soon as I saw them.  Now they adorn the lounge room buffet and the house has a hint of spring in the air.  Simple, fragrant and eyecatching...definately one of my favourites!

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